Our Vision

Preschool that is committed to providing a school culture that promotes academic excellence and strong moral character.


Our Mission:

  • Provide a safe and loving environment
  • Inspire a love for learning
  • Academic excellence
  • Model compassion and kindness
  • Partner with families
  • Spiritual growth
  • Character education


Core Values:

Kidz First Academy students and staff have PRIDE because we:

Partner with parents to create a school community where everyone is responsible for the education and developmental growth of our students

Respect that everyone is valuable and work together to create a cultural that upholds our character program

Inspire learners to embrace challenge and find joy and self-worth through achievement

Develop a culture where we play, learn and grow together

Excel in a child-centered learning environment where activities are engaging and hands-on



Academics Program:

Our research and evidence-based preschool program is aligned with California’s early learning standards that builds school readiness skills. All of the activities and assessment materials used within the program are designed to build the knowledge and skills that all young children need for successful preschool and early elementary school life. Our highly qualified staff understand that they can best support young children both by encouraging the rich learning that occurs in children’s self-initiated play and by introducing purposeful instructional activities that playfully engage preschoolers in learning. Our goal is to inspire our students to be confident learners who have a love for learning and experiences that build 21st century learners.

Experts worldwide acknowledge that today’s children need more than the traditional 3 Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) to prepare for 21st century careers. Kidz First Academy understands the importance of adding the necessary 4Cs:

• Collaboration
• Creativity
• Communication
• Critical thinking.

Our innovative program builds the traditional academics (literacy, mathematics, science and social studies), while purposefully creating activities and experiences that encompass the use of 21st century skills



Character Education

Kidz First Academy Character Education program is centered on Christian values that instill ethical and moral values. We believe that character education is not a rigid program but rather a transformation of the culture and life of the school that is modeled and displayed by staff and students. Popular wisdom holds that the best way to implement character education is through a holistic approach that integrates character development into every aspect of school life. Kidz First is a Christian school that is guided by Biblical teachings that create the core values that are embedded into our daily interactions. We offer multiple opportunities for students to learn about, discuss and enact positive social behaviors. Our positive rewards programs encourage making good choices and for following expectations. Teachers expect positive behavior, and are responsive to the children at all times, using positive words to praise students, and always showing respect, warmth, and kindness. By encouraging appropriate behavior and mutual respect, we build and maintain an environment where students can feel safe and loved.